Company Profile

Oripan company was established in 1994, along with the development of Oripan herbal soap and continues to enhance the quality of our products and extended the market range not only local but also exporting to abroad. The company? last goal is aimed to be the best and largest global company recognized by Oripan soap bar only. Oripan thrives to be the best in international beauty soap market, whereas COCA COLA is recognized for soft drink or McDonald for fast food industry. Statistically, the re-order ratio for Oripan soap is more than 80 percent at presently, meaning Oripan soap is the top of the line in soap industry.

The diversity of our products for soap? technical know-how was made from 2001, extending to variety of other cosmetic products. All products of Oripan are tested and qualified strictly through 30 to 50 customers prior to any form of sales, which it? sample was given to those people who tests the product and receive their testimonials to rectify the downside to be perfect products for customer? usage. This particular system was applied to all Oripan products before launching to the market which brings us the successful marketing in Korea. You may be astonished and assured by the perfect quality of Oripan products if you read thousands of testimonials posted in Oripan website board by the people who used ORIPAN products. This system is our proud way of achieving the best quality of products in the world. Meanwhile, we have two(2) plant factories, the first one is for manufacturing soap and the second one is for cosmetic product. See factory view.

  ORIPAN FACTORY #1                         ORIPAN FACTORY #2

History of company

1994 :

Oriental Herbal Doctor developed Oripan Soap, meaning "Oriental

Beauty herbal Bar "


1996 :  

Thousand of samples were tested in USA by the company named DM

International who named Oripan according to the excellent function of soap's



1998 :

Applied and got Certification of Trade mark brand for ORIPAN in Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, France, Canada.


2000 :  

Oripan's website was established (


2001 :

Launching the field of cosmetic products including  hair shampoo,

hair conditioner, lotion, skin toner, whitening cream, etc., based on Oripan soap bar's beauty know-how.


2002 :

Nominated and awarded for the best global enterprise in Korea for the those field of industries by HanKook IlBo ( Korean major daily News paper company)


2003 :

Contracted with USA Army AAFES for the supply of all oripan products for the sales in USA Army PX duty free shop